About Us

About Us

Best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh – Yoga school in Rishikesh India affiliated by Yoga Alliance, USA. SKY Yoga Retreat is a yoga teacher training and yoga retreat center located in the spiritual city Rishikesh. It also offers training courses in different parts of India & abroad. SKY Yoga Retreat is one of the most vibrant meditation schools and yoga training centers in India.

SKY Yoga Retreats, helps one to retire from one’s hectic life and spend some time to connect with the inner world of one’s self. The best way of connecting with the divine world is through connecting one’s mind to one’s own physical body. Yoga and meditation make such connection possible. It is through various yogic activities and meditation that one can be aware of the three level of existence of a human being.

As a leading yoga school in Rishikesh, we are proud to have a team of accomplished yogis who teach students the true yogic lifestyle so that they can too discover their true power within through the right practices of yoga.

Our yoga school offers a number of courses for those who want to become a yoga teacher in the future. We start planning from the day, you join us. We take care of your food preferences, favorite color, and activity level to offer you the best experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Join a yoga course to explore yoga and yourself in Rishikesh.


Our love of Yoga began in 1996. While on a retreat SKY began exploring mind, body and spirit modalities. Seeking ways of finding more peace and balance amidst transitioning from her Wall Street life and adapting to new family goals. To SKY’s surprise, through the odd shapes and names of Yoga she discovered the relaxing and replenishing gifts of the practice. Yoga also began to relieve a deep longing for living more fully in body, spirit and a calmer mind. A slow surgical process of redefining and reshaping of life began.

A deep curiosity ensued and a year later the practice organically became a path for us both. The practice as often said,”found us” and we have weaved its universal intelligent and compassionate philosophy into our lives with great joy and honor. As with any great endeavor the road has not been easy but it has completely evolved into a continuous life long path of growth and celebration. Sharing the gifts of Yoga with others inspires us! Our intention is to create a space of ease, vitality and joy for all students and the community. A welcoming and honoring journey of one student, one yoga class, one community event and one moment at a time!

Thank you for sharing your healing wellness with us!


We would like to express their appreciation to the following teachers who have brought us to a deeper understanding and experience of the practice. We are incredibly grateful to hold certifications with these wonderful pioneers who have melded the ancient teachings with honor into the Western minds, bodies and spirits. Their mentor-ship and sharing of this timeless practice has inspired us to share it’s potential gifts with everyone interested in living a life of inner peace, harmony and abundance of balance. Their professionalism as well has been a source of guidance.