Best Exercise Mats for Sit-Ups


Best Exercise Mats for Sit-Ups

An exercise mat is a special type of mat that is used to do some exercise such as yoga or any other. It will protect your hands, feet, back, and neck as well. It can help you from any injury that might occur when you do exercise on the floor. These mats are non-slip as well. The mat is thin enough that it will easily protect you from any type of injury and difficulty that otherwise might occur without a mat. These are many benefits of using the exercise mat.

Types of the exercise mat



There are many types of exercise mats for sit-ups depending upon the quality and the exercise for which it is used. So, if you are planning to do exercise in an easy way you are recommended to use these mats.

  1. All-Purpose Exercise Mat
  2. Comfort Yoga Mat
  3. Immortal folding mat
  4. Large area exercise mat
  5. Best exercise mat for travel

The detail of all of these mats is given following.

1. All-purpose exercise mat



The mat which is used for all types f exercises is called an all-purpose exercise mat. This is the need for those people who desire only one mat and want to perform all types of exercise. It is just 0.5 inches thick and 71 inches long you can easily perform sit and ups on this mat without any cushion or friction to your body. The mat is non-slip and comfort from both of the sides. When you have completed the exercise you can easily fold this mat and keep it anywhere. The mat is even best used in hard and rough places as well. It is very easy to fold. It is the most used mat in the word.

2. Comfort Yoga Mat



This mat is used for yoga only. It is 0.24 thick and 64 inches long. It is beautiful and has excellent work as well. This is a lightweight mat that is attracting mat users. The mat is easy to use and role after its use. This is available in a wide range of colors and designs; you can choose what your wish is accordingly. It is waterproof and easy to clean. The price is moderate and reasonable that’s why it is attracting people from different areas of the world. It has a rough surface on one side and a smooth surface from the other side. The material which is used for making this mat is everlasting.

3. Immortal Folding Mat



Immortal folding mat also called the everlasting folding mat it is 1.5 inches thick and 72 inches long. It is the most comfortably used mat that can be folded anywhere and you can place it with you anywhere. You can fold it with you just like a bag and due to handling it is easy to place and transport. It has been used for high potency exercise. One important note about this mat is that you have to place it on the ground because it is somewhat slip on the hard surfaces as well. So, use it with care. The price is low and is recommended by most of the professional exercisers. It is available in the market only in two colors; black and blue. But mostly you can purchase it in blue color. It is easy to wipe down and is one of the ideal and recommended mats.

4. Large Area Exercise Mat



It is used for the exercise which requires a large area to perform. It is 24 inches long and 0.38 inch thick made of foam material. The foam is a material that protects you from the injuries. Both sides of the map are foamy and smoothly so it is easy to use on any hard or rough surface. It has been designed larger as compare to all of the other mats and is used for all types of exercises including yoga and Pilates. It is a light weighted mat that is attracting the people who can take it easily anywhere in a large area. The mat is used in universities and other learning institutes to teach exercise. It is also used in a fitness club and gym clubs as well. It is flexible from all sides and can be used in the rooms, clubs, gyms, and workspaces as well. It seems well, and the user will not find any problem after the use of this mat.

5. Best Exercise Mat for Travel



It is only 0.06 inches thick and 68 inches long. The price is high due to its high quality and good material. The weight of the mat is only about 2 pounds. It’s very thin and loose able everywhere because it is made from a rubber-like material. This mat works well on both hard and smooth surfaces. One of the most important features attracting the users are that is easy to clean, waterproof and contains no damaging and harmful dyes. It is easy to fold from all other types of mat that why it is called the best exercise mat for travel because you can keep it with you anywhere, even during traveling in the world.