Best Yoga School India

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Best Yoga School India

The best yoga school in Rishikesh India beckons you to come and experience what you have not before for here lies an opportunity that could be life changing.

Are you yet to add the best yoga school in Rishikesh India to your bucket list this year? Then do so before 2022 ends, so that you can say “I found my route to self-discovery in India!” Here’s more on how you could be discovering more and more on the amazing facets of life through the art of yoga right in the land of yogis and saints and where the art itself was born – India:

India is the ultimate destination for the enthusiastic yogi traveller looking forward to pen down the memoirs of a happy, lively and transformative yogic journey in his journal and record and capture outstanding moments in his camera. It speaks of an interesting history, a rich cultural background and a varied landscape for the yogi traveller to explore. For many, this is a destination to fall in love with! Propel your yogic journey in this wonderful spiritual landscape as you go ahead in your search for the best yoga school India amidst innumerable and affordable yoga centers that this birthplace of yoga has to offer. There are so many stunning locations as well to chose from such as Goa, Dharamshala, Kerala and Rishikesh each of which speak of the best yoga school India.

Which yoga school is best for you

Wondering which yoga school would be ideal for you? Here are certain guidelines to help you decide so:

-Hatha and Ashtanga yoga

Yoga has several forms. As a beginner, it is best to start with the foundational forms of yoga which are Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga. They help you work on the basics of philosophy and posture building to begin with and later develop them further.

– Residential course program

Find out if the best yoga school India has a residential course program with proper arrangements for food and accommodation for your convenience (instead of having to search here and there and arrange for them).

-The real picture

In order to get the complete picture of the best yoga yoga school and its real opinion, check their reviews and ratings as these will portray the real life experiences of the students and their real opinions about the respective yoga school and how it actually benefitted them.


Verify if the yoga school is certified by Yoga Alliance as there are many schools which are not certified and just looking for some ways to extract profits only. A certified school guarantees genuinely of the course programs and quality of the same for the best outcome of the course and to the best advantage of students who enroll for the respective course programs.


The effective practice and learning of yoga within a shorter time span demands quiet, peaceful calm surroundings in the proximity of nature. So you can expect the best yoga school in Rishikesh India to be located amidst this kind of environment in India.

Being amongst the most popular and best yoga school India has to offer, Yoga has earned the appreciation of one and many for its highly skilled yoga trainers and exhaustive course programs on 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs and yoga retreat programs. This yoga school in particular adheres to the above mentioned guidelines and is a perfect match for yoga enthusiasts looking for the best yoga school India. Here’s more on how it meets the above guidelines:

– Hatha and Ashtanga yoga

Yoga follows the ancient teachings of the original Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa flow. Its courses are a perfect stepping stone to the subject of yoga and also suitable for intermediate and advanced level yogis.

-Residential course program

As a student of this yoga school, you will be entitled to the privileges of receiving food and accommodation facilities including attached Wi-Fi, laundry services, safe drinking water, herbal teas , well equipped library, spacious yoga hall, ayurvedic massage and therapy room and other such aspects to ensure you a comfortable and pleasant stay at the school premises.

– The real picture

Yoga has success earned positive reviews and ratings from students including 5 star rankings from Google, Trustpilot and Facebook. So this is a school you can trust and you can bank upon for a quality yoga education.


You can be rest assured is a registered yoga school (RYS) under Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.


The yoga school is situated in the world famous yoga capital city – Rishikesh which is the ultimate and ideal choice of a destination and more of a yogi’s paradise. In contrast to the conventional urban life, this location gives you the feel of the fresh mountain air , the tranquility of the riverside, the divinity of temples and the best of nature is just in the right location in Rishikesh nestled perfectly in the lap of nature and all surrounded by views of the mountains, river and greenery for you to explore further. For the beach lovers, this yoga school also has its branch in Goa in India.

In addition, Yoga course program is well aligned with ancient ayurvedic philosophies, and as a student you will also have the opportunity to imbibe the art of ayurvedic cooking and learn to live the yogic lifestyle and incorporate the same in your daily life. This best yoga school in Rishikesh India also ensures interesting and diverse aspects in its agenda include Bollywood dance classes, mantra chanting classes and lively kirtan sessions to keep the course productive and engaging enough. Join this dynamic, student-oriented and best yoga school in Rishikesh India right away for an excellent yogic education and experience ahead and an enticing episode to narrate to others interested in joining this divine journey.