Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice


Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

As the contemporary land has been shifting towards an increasingly digital, tech-savvy, modernist environment, the time has become almost a lost element for humans. We are always rushing in our everyday life, so much so that a peaceful morning breakfast has become a thing of the past. We’re so caught up in following the regular, monotonous schedule that we often forget one of the most important things expected of us, taking care of ourselves.


We often act naïve and aren’t grateful enough for the beautiful gift of life endowed upon us. All of us have collectively put our mind, heart and soul in building the civilisation we are today. We’ve broken many barriers and obstructions and have achieved things that were previously unthinkable. This was all possible because the modern individual thinks, he/she dreams! We all have a certain social role to play and contributions to make in society and we dream of doing something tangible. This is where it becomes important to understand that taking care of oneself is one of the basic steps you have to climb in order to reach your goals. It is important that you get out of the chair you have been sitting on the whole day, and stretch a little bit, eats a little bit, laughs a little bit!


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It is easy to say, however, that everyone must look after their health. There are so man myths and false information that is being fed to us regarding this that it becomes difficult to understand what one needs to do and follow. But there is one thing that keeps you in good health with no considerable side effects and trusted since the beginning of time; Yoga! Read on to explore the benefits of Yoga that will work like wonders on your health.


Improves flexibility and increases muscle strength

Practicing yoga involves an extensive performance of various asanas which you are expected to hold for a decent amount of time. This challenges your muscles as well as your brain to aim to hold it without losing any sort of physical or mental balance. Regular practice of the asanas conditions the muscles to endure the pain and helps it gain strength. The stretching and twisting involved in performing an asana also facilitate an improvement in flexibility.


Helps in beating back pain

Sitting or staying in the same position for long hours makes your body stiff and tight which can result in chronic backaches and postural problems. As Yoga facilitates flexibility and muscle strength, it helps in preventing the muscles from becoming stiff. It helps in the relaxation of the muscles and the removal of any kind of tension accumulated in the body.


Increases stamina

Yoga is a great way to charge up the drained batteries of your body. It energizes you from within and makes you feel fresh throughout the day. It opens the channels in your body for the proper flow of energy and makes you faster and more efficient in all sorts of physical activities.


Helps in losing weight and toning muscles

Practising various yoga asanas regularly helps in shaping the muscles of your legs, arms, back and abdomen. This in turn helps in burning down all the unrequited fat accumulation in your body. Not only that, it creates a level of awareness within you to keep yourself fit and therefore makes you keep a check on your food intake and weight.


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Facilitates smooth blood flow

Yoga asanas involve a lot of twists and stretching which facilitates circulation. It allows the movements of oxygenated blood to your cells and organs. It also helps in sending rich blood to your brain, keeping it forever ready and refreshed.


Fixes your sleep schedule

One of the most spectacular things about yoga is that it helps in building and maintaining a routine. It helps you compartmentalize your time and be more efficient. When you do that, you are able to get rid of the unnecessary stress accumulated in your head. You’re able to relax better which helps you in achieving an undisturbed sleep at night. It helps you go to bed early and with only positive thoughts.


Allows mental peace

The breathing and focusing involved allowing you to bring the chaos going on in your head to rest. As you get calm, you get a window to introspect your thoughts that are bothering, you are able to think practically and therefore it will be easier for you to push out all the negative thoughts out of your head. You are induced with a different level of optimism for life, a whole new outlook, to see things for what they are and make you appreciate more often.

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Induces self-awareness

As we have mentioned before, yoga helps a great deal in calming your mind down. As you undergo a process of introspection of your thoughts, you start focusing on your own behavioural patterns from a very objective point of you. This way, you are able to identify the things that make you the unique individual that you are. On the other hand, it will also help you point out the flaws in you that need to be checked. You attain a heightened sense of self-awareness where you are able to live in the present without letting any past or future concerns hamper your mental health.



Yoga is the key to a long, happy, fulfilled life and now, who doesn’t want that?!