Meditation Techniques and Hatha Yoga Benefits


Meditation Techniques and Hatha Yoga Benefits

The modern, contemporary world is a home to confused minds and souls. The rush of surviving, meeting the bare minimum is so high that we forget that life is meant to be lived. We forget our own selves, trying to be what isn’t even our true form of existence. Losing our control over the mind and the body is the first step towards stress, unnecessary speculations, anxiety, deteriorating health and an abundance of the emotions of melancholy and distress. There are a lot of young minds that dream to build a better world, a better place and the actualisation of this goal happens only when all the inhabitants come together and learn to love themselves first. It is important that you learn to live a life that offers you a feeling of contentment and allows your soul to attain oneness.

J. Krishnamurti once said “Meditation is not concentration, it is the creative process of self-discovery and understanding”, and how rightly and simply he conveyed the simple way to a productive life. One of the easiest and the most effective ways to kick start the process of self-love and self-awareness is the practice of Yoga. The meditative techniques of yoga allow you to focus on yourself better and facilitates self-actualisation. With yoga by your side, it wouldn’t be a task for you to keep yourself loved and happy.

Without building any further suspense, we’ll explore further in the article what are the top techniques to do meditation teacher training the right way. We’ll also learn about a category of Yoga called the Hatha Yoga teacher training and the myriad of benefits that it has to offer.


Perfected posture

When you start meditating, make sure that you begin by sitting in the most perfect, appropriate pose. Adjust according to your body requirements and comfort and make sure that you face no discomfort. When you think of bringing your body into the right posture, you bring your entire awareness towards yourself. This better and full focus on yourself allows you to carry out an efficient self-healing process.

Allow visualization

It is important for you to have psychological control over your relaxation in order to allow yourself to feel the difference. For example, if you feel a lot of tension in the muscles of your leg, then you can make yourself visualize that your muscles are draining away all the accumulated pain; you will be able to actually rid yourself from any discomfort.

Conscious breathing

To bring the focus in one direction you place your attention on the breath, while you’re holding a posture or transitioning into one from another. With every exhale, remove all the tensions and toxins from your body.

Close your eyes and stay focused

The key to a successful meditation teacher training session is that you allow yourself to stay focused for as long as you’re meditating. Its important that you don’t break in between when you are trying to tune in with your inner body. Closing your eyes will help you to keep yourself away from any kind of external distractions and will direct all your attention towards uniting your kind, body and soul.


Hatha yoga teacher training comes under the category of yoga which focuses on the practice of physical postures along with an awareness of the breath so that your mind, body and spirit come to conjunction. It has become a popular type of exercise which has been proven beneficial time and again. It carries a myriad of benefits that will make you have no good reason to not practice it today. Listed below are the few benefits that will give you an idea of the bigger picture.

Builds core strength

The core of your body is one of the most important parts that allows all the regular easy bodily movements that you carry out without even paying much of attention. You need to have strong core muscles to do something as simple as getting out of bed to lifting heavy things or climb steep heights. Hatha yoga teacher training will improve your core strength. The twists and bends of the asanas will tone your muscles and condition them to be adaptable to high exertion.

Improves bone density

One of the most important things yoga does is that it creates a balance between your mind and body. This prevents any form of unnecessary falling due to ill coordination between your mind and body. Therefore, it saves you from any bone injury. Apart from that, the asanas involve trigger osteoblast which is the bone making cells. This will make it easy for the development of a new bone and help you recover faster from bone injuries.

Helps in weight loss

The asanas that come under the Hatha yoga teacher training allow your muscles to tone down and remove all the unnecessary accumulated fat. Also, when you indulge in yoga, your focus on yourself increases which makes you keep a check on your dietary habits and other lifestyle indicators which might affect your health severely.

Builds immunity

The hatha yoga teacher training asanas help with the lymphatic system which is supposed to be a protective shield from all the diseases and infections. It also induces a better blood flow in the body so that rich oxygenated blood reaches all the organs of the body for efficient cell rejuvenation and to keep yourself healthy forever.

To experience these amazing health benefits and many more, inculcate a regular hatha yoga teacher training practice today. Happy yoga to you!