Invigorating Mindful Heart Flow Style Classes


Invigorating Mindful Heart Flow Style Classes



Level 1

A great class for the beginner looking to move onto the next level. Class is moderately paced and will include sun salutations and introductions to inversions.

Level 2

A strong faster Vinyasa class for the intermediate or advanced student, comfortable with Ujjahi, pranayama practices, bandhas, Hatha Sun Salutes, Ashtanga Sun Salutations, deeper back bend, arm balances and inversions. Student should be comfortable with alignment and spatial principles.

Level 1-2

A Vinyasa class designed for the experienced beginner to moderate student wishing to move into a more challenging class. Introduction to deeper poses, modified inversions, arm balances and pranayama practices.

Align & Flow Level 1

Iyengar meets Vinyasa. This class emphasizes proper alignment and steady synchronized poses with breath awareness. This class is ideal for the beginner student and/or intermediate student seeking an alignment practice combined with a vinyasa flow. It is an invigorating physical class that offers quietude for the mind, body and soul.

Hot Flow Power Hour Open Flow

All of the benefits of a Yoga class in a warmer room to facilitate a quicker release of musculature, toxins, calories and sweat. Students will move through many sun salutations and vinyasas Please bring a hand towel or yoga mat towel for your comfort.

Power Hour

60 minutes of sweaty, detoxifying deliciousness. Students will move through many sun salutations, vinyasas and poses of varying degrees of difficulties. Options will be given to modify postures to accommodate all levels of students. Hand Weights will be used occasionally.

Wall Yoga

Come and enjoy a 75-minute class with our great yoga wall. Your body will come to love the support of the straps and your mind will be thrilled with the proper alignment principles. Maybe even dare to hang upside down. All levels welcomed.

Total Athlete Yoga Tune Up

Incorrect alignment overtime can wreak havoc on the muscular system causing painful damage to the body. With the introduction to Yoga Tune Up poses and therapeutic techniques you will learn to rid your body of pain, improve posture, and become a stronger individual overall! All levels welcomed.


Lotus Restorative Yoga

The class is an invitation and journey into therapeutic yoga. This class awakens the student to the inner source of healing hidden within their breath and bodies. The gentle restorative class uses slow deep stretching, fluid breathing and meditation as tools to reset the central nervous system and the parasympathetic system responsible for the relaxation response that encourages the reduction of stress hormones within our bodies. Your body is supported with blankets, bolsters, blocks and chairs. All levels welcomed.

Platinum Seniors Gentle Yoga

A gentle and modified Yoga class that offers flexibility, vitality, strengthening, relaxation, balancing, proper breathing and laughter. Ideal for all levels, seniors, limited mobility and special needs.

Platinum Seniors Gentle Chair Yoga Melts into Lotus Restorative

A gentle and modified Chair Yoga class that offers flexibility, vitality, strengthening, relaxation, balancing, proper breathing and laughter. Melts into a relaxing restorative class. Ideal for all levels, seniors, limited mobility and special needs.

Yoga 4 Cancer Survivors

These classes are gentle and modified Yoga classes that offer improved circulation, flexibility, stamina, strengthening, relaxation, balancing and proper breathing. The class builds a beautiful community of peaceful warriors, additional support system and peer inspiration. Yoga encourages the student to use illness as teacher. Consistency in this class can diminish side effects of treatment, help with depression and teach pain management techniques.

Absolute Beginners

It’s absolutely true! A class designed especially for the true beginner or student seeking a mindful slower pace alignment class. Come and explore the healing benefits of yoga as we introduce asana and breathe to your practice.


Recovery Steps & Yoga

Success Over Addiction and Recovery is a merger of the benefits of Yoga and the 12 Step program for the student in recovery and significant other.



Our intention is for new students to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of yoga right from the start. Start from where you are. Begin your practice of yoga with a Gentle Yoga or Level 1 class, unless you have previous experience.

These classes will provide fundamental alignment principles of yoga postures and breathing techniques that will help move you towards basic flow and into deeper levels of Yoga. We recommend trying different classes and teachers to find what best suits you. Please inform your teacher about injuries or conditions which might affect your practice so that they can help guide you towards appropriate modifications or levels of class. If you must leave early inform your teacher before class and allow 5 minutes of relaxing before departing quietly. The studio is equipped with yoga mats and props needed for your practice. (mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, etc.). We do encourage you to buy your own mat. After your first class there is a charge of $1 mat rental fee.



  • Purchase your introductory package on line or in person. Arrive 15 minutes early for set up and to meet your instructor.
  • During class, please respect the quietude by turning off cell phones and refraining from loud socialising during class.
  • Please bring your own mat and towel if you sweat. Wear comfortable clothing. Shoes should be left in the cubbies in our reception area.
  • No perfume, please. To respect allergies others might have.
  • We recommend not eating or drinking before class (ideally no food for two hours prior to class).
  • We ask that all new students fill out New Student Intake Form before their first class.
  • This can be done at the studio or complete the online form.
  • We welcome you to call or contact us via email with any questions or concerns you may have.
    See you in class!!