Where Is The Best Place To Learn Yoga?


Where Is The Best Place To Learn Yoga?

Where Is The Best Place To Learn Yoga? Which Yoga Course To Take To Be An Internationally Recognized Yoga Teacher?

Are you wondering if there is any way of getting out the rat race and start living a life you actually want? Have you been dreaming of living a nomad life by having a job that allows you to travel anywhere in the world? And most importantly, are you a passionate yoga practitioner and also passionate about spreading yogic wisdom to the worlds?

Let’s look at certificates you could get for you to make that dream come true.

There are a lot of organizations and schools that offer yoga teacher licenses, but not all of them are recognized internationally, and, most of them are just offered by these local communities and they are something anyone can name themselves and provide! When you choose a yoga teacher training course, make sure the school is registered in Yoga Alliance USA, and their teacher training courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance USA. This is the biggest yoga alliance that have been recognized internationally. Also, there are yoga teacher training courses online nowadays. If you decide to go with an online course, make sure it is created by an authentic yoga schools and their online courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance USA as well.

Now you might be wondering how to find such schools and courses? Let me tell you. One of the best and top-leading yoga schools in Rishikesh India – Himalayan Yoga Association. Firstly, Rishikesh is known as the world capital of yoga, not only because of the fact that yoga was born in Rishikesh, but its tranquil and raw nature, authentic energy of the city. Secondly, by hearing a lot of experiences of many students and teachers, Himalayan Yoga Association has the best facility, best teachers, best staff, and the best offerings in many aspects. They have been delivering yoga as it is, in the most authentic way possible to seekers from all over the world for the last good 10 years. They deliver 100hrs, 200hrs, 300hrs, and 500hrs yoga teacher trainings in their beautifully bright and spacious campus in Rishikesh. As one of the long-ran and the best yoga school in Rishikesh, the owner – Yogi Himanshu – knows all the yoga teachers in Rishikesh, and from his experiences, he knows how to see people, who the best person is for any positions of jobs, then he has the best team of yoga teachers and school staff to deliver yoga in the most authentic way possible. Unlike other yoga schools in Rishikesh, India, they have a big swimming pool in their beautifully maintained garden by their designated gardener as well. What they do is all about how to serve better to their customers. So now, there are 4 types of yoga teacher trainings they offer, which one is best for you?

Their 100hrs yoga teacher training course lasts for 12days. This is the first part of the 200hrs yoga teacher training course. The 100hrs course is designed for those who cannot take 24 days time off to complete 200hrs yoga teacher training course with them. After you complete the 100hrs course, you can take their second half of 100hrs yoga teacher training either online or offline anytime you wish to do so. The 200hrs goes for 24 days. This is the minimum certificate to call yourself as a certified yoga teacher. From this level, you can register yourself as an international yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA. Himalayan Yoga Association offers the best 200 hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. If you have time but don’t know if you want to commit yourself for 2 whole months with 500hrs course, this is the best entrance level of yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.

The next one is 300hrs yoga teacher training course. This is the course for those who have successfully completed their 200hrs yoga teacher training course accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. This course lasts for 28 days. Himalayan Yoga Association has 2 spacious and clean yoga halls in their campus. The 200hrs and 300hrs students study and practice in those two different yoga halls. You will be learning and practicing in an advanced level. 200hrs yoga teacher training course is the foundational course, and 300hrs course is for those who already know the foundation. A lot of the 300hrs course participants at Himalayan Yoga Association are already teaching yoga in some extent, and you will surely feel their dedications to the study and practice is higher than 200hrs course. The last option is 500hrs yoga teacher training course. If you have time to take 58 days off dedicate yourself in the learning, this is no doubt the best 500 hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. This is the combination of 200 hours and 300 hours yoga teacher training courses, and one of the biggest benefits by taking this course is that your yoga teachers will know how much you have learnt by the time you complete your first month, and have a consistency in teaching for the 2 months until your last day. If you take 200 hours and 300 hours yoga teacher training course separately, even though all the courses that are recognized by Yoga Alliance are following the curriculum, there will be overlapping and missing of learnings between the first and the second month. Also, when you spend time in their yoga school for more than a month, you will start having a feeling of actually residing there, and you can go deeper into your learning and practice without over excited about exploring here and there.

I have given you a summary of those 4 different offline yoga courses of Himalayan Yoga Association, which is undoubtedly the best yoga school in Rishikesh. If you are still hesitating to quit your current job or not able to take a time off, they also offer all those four yoga teacher training course online. Yes, online courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance USA as well. Even though both offline and online courses are available and give you the same credibility of the certificates, learning and living in the school campus with full of authentic staff and yogic students are definitely the best option.