100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Are you ready to take your yoga skills to the next level? If so, then a 100 hour yoga training is just what you need! Discover the wisdoms of Yin Yoga during this 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Dive deep into the physical and energetics exploring the body. Explore a variety of yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses with 100 hour, 200 hour or advanced certification in Bali.

The island is known as the Island of the Gods, Bali has turned into a yoga mecca in recent years attracting world-class teachers to learn from. It is a unique opportunity to complete your 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in a place that is rich in Hindu ceremonies and culture that you will witness while walking the streets. Bali is a popular destination for yoga. It has a mixture of South East Asian culture, food and accommodations. We refer to it as a “soft India” – you can experience the nuances of the tradition, but with fantastic food and a better quality of accommodation and facilities that a yin Yoga teacher studying in India could provide.

Are you looking for more peace and harmony in your life? Do you want to explore a deeper world through the more tranquil and gentle yoga practice? Or perhaps you’re a teacher in an experienced 100 hour yin yoga teacher who is training in Bali and are looking to improve your teaching.

100 hour Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali

100 hour Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali is a cure to live a more streamlined, modern life that expect a lot from us. The 100 hour Yin Yoga teacher course in Bali will help us slow down and allow ourselves to better understand ourselves. It also allows us to find a new method of being in and off of the mat.

Stress from day-to-day life can be a burden on our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Many health conditions like hypertension, leaky stomach, headaches, insomnia, and depression are due to it. Yin yoga teacher training Bali 100 hours opens space to the mind and body by releasing blockages in energy and emotional. This can assist you rewind and focus all of your energy.

The Taoist concept Yin Yang gave rise to the term Yang. Yang is active and is linked to doing, achieving growth, expanding and expanding. Yin is more calm slower, slow, and inward-focused and the two forms a whole. This is the reason why yin yoga can bring balance and harmony to your own life as well as the life of your students.

Yoga Training we believe that balance is the key to a healthy life . We have created our 200 hour yin and vinyasa teacher training certification in Bali with this in mind. Modern and innovative, our approach is based on the current lifestyle while still drawing from ancient yoga concepts as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

100 hour Yin Yoga teacher training program

The 100 hour Yin Yoga teacher training program is founded on the concepts of Yin and Yang and teaches how to be in balance and harmony. Yin Yang is present in all things but the most important thing is for us our body. Our yin is slow, tranquil, and soft energy. However, our Yang is active, fast-paced energy It is also our fastest side. With our modern and hectic lives, many of us spend our time on the yang side of our energy. We have to constantly find the right balance between family, work and personal time, sometimes taking us out of balance with ourselves and those in our lives. The 200 hour yin and vinyasa yoga teacher training in Bali is a unique method that teaches you how to integrate these two energies by using two different styles of yoga and practices. Half of your teacher training is focused on the yang through the vinyasa form of yoga. The second portion focuses on the in-between yin and yin, meditation, yoga nidra, and mindfulness methods. Every day asana practice in the training are timed to enhance your body’s Yin Yang energy flows.