Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow Bootcamp: Strengthen & Sweat


Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow Bootcamp: Strengthen & Sweat

Power Yoga to Feel Free and Strong! When you consider all of the benefits yoga offers to you each time you step onto the mat, do you list freedom in the top five? Most of us look to increased flexibility, balance, strength, and equanimity. But a sense of freedom is also one of yoga’s most powerful gifts. Freedom to breathe more freely and freedom from habitual thought patterns, which may have held you back or caused you doubt and anxiety. This week we’ve got a Power Yoga challenge to set you free! Best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh – Yoga school in India affiliated by Yoga Alliance, USA.


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Sometimes, a strong, dynamic yoga practice can dislodge and set free emotions trapped in your physical body. Don’t be intimidated by the vigorousness of these classes––you can always modify and adapt the instructions to suit your energy level and ability. This new Power Yoga program consists of a variety of classes designed to empower you to find balance, joy, and an open mind. The openings we create in our physical body help release emotions and thoughts, which might be restricting us from living our fullest life. 200 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh – 200 hour yoga teacher training in India by Yoga Alliance accredited best yoga schools in India.

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Achieving freedom means you are aware of what you desire in your life, as well as what you wish to avoid. It takes courage to live each day with these principles in mind. Freedom means you feel free to choose how you live each moment. A yoga practice dedicated to encouraging the release of fear and negative blocks can pave the way for choosing what will make you enjoy more love, happiness, and peace. Sometimes taking your awareness to the next level begins with something as simple as sweating it out. A sense of true freedom or of going with the flow is why we continue to return to the mat. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh certified courses by Yoga alliance USA 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour Hatha & Ashtanga yoga in rishikesh, india.


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This week, we offer a challenge for you to experience liberation and freedom with Power Yoga. Power yoga isn’t restricted to a set sequence or strict parameters. Instead, the emphasis is on flowing and building strength and working up a sweat to boost your mood and endurance. There’s something liberating about practicing yoga differently each day––a release of expectations and acceptance of something fresh and new. Challenge yourself to something outside of your comfort zone and see how that attitude impacts you off the mat too.