Yoga Course

Yoga Course

Training from an approved school (RYS) is a pre-requisite for students who wish to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs). Basic level course is 200-hours (duration: 3 weeks or 4 weeks), and Advance level is 300-hours (duration: 4 weeks).

We are all familiar with the term ‘yoga’ and may have some or the other perception about it. Read on to find out the real meaning of yoga that many may not be aware of:

Yoga – as we know

Yoga is not only just a form of exercise as most of us know. Rather:

  • It is a discipline intended to develop or improve the inherent power of the individual and bring about a balance within the overall being.
  • It is a means that leads one to the path of self-realization.

Yoga – its literal meaning

Yoga literally in Sanskrit means ‘Yoke’. Thus it can be understood as the means that unites the individual spirit (aatma) with the universal spirit of God (paramatma).

Best place to learn and practice yoga

For those really keen on knowing more about the history, the philosophy and the tradition of yoga and wanting to perfect the asanas as well as teach what they have learnt to others , a standard yoga course is the ideal choice. The learning and practice of yoga is well suited in environments that are tranquil and calm ,where peace reigns within the proximity of nature, where yoga itself finds its roots. The mountains, the lush forests ,the rivers and waterfalls along with vibrant flaura and fona are the ideal features that create the ideal environment for a yogi to focus and practice the art of yoga. And Rishikesh- the birthplace of yoga, is that destination in India , that completes this picture.

Types of yoga courses that one can opt for:

As a beginner you may opt for a foundational course that will introduce you to the basic concepts of the subject and strengthen the same. The 200 hour yoga teacher training aims to achieve this purpose. The course duration is 28 days. For those who are faced with time constraints can complete a 100 hour YTTC in the first half and then can return to complete the rest 100 hour YTTC in the second half. Thus the 200 hour YTTC may be completed in two instalments also.

On completing the 200 hour yoga teacher training, you can take your skills to the next level and develop them further by continuing with a 300 hour yoga teacher training that will teach you the yogic concepts at an advanced level and further boost your teaching skills. The course duration for this course is also 28 days.

Alternatively, you can opt for a 500 hour yoga teacher training course that combines the above two courses i.e 200 hour and 300 hour YTTC thus enabling you to complete both the sets of yoga course in one go. This course is particularly suitable for those who have more time in hand.. The total duration for this course is 2 months.

Best school for yoga course in Rishikesh

SKY is the leading yoga school conducting quality yoga course in Rishikesh ever since its inception in 2015, certified by Yoga Alliance.s Today the yoga school has more than 2000 plus graduates and continues to deliver the best of yoga teacher training courses as well as yoga retreat programs in India and abroad. The SKY family invites you to join and a be a part of a life changing experience not to be missed.